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Austin's Linotype This is my father, at his Linotype in 1965, creating schoolbooks. It has always amazed me how much things change, but at the same time, how they remain the same.

Cheap Domain Names
Your business strategy must include saving money. Save money on domain names that you must renew every year. Our domain sales division is very competitive, often the lowest cost anywhere, and there are no marketing tricks such as raising prices after you buy so subsequent years cost more.


Strategy for Small Business

Loopbiz is building a complete system for Small Businesses and Webmasters. Business Strategy is usually not your strength, but if it isn't, your small business might not last very long. Get everything you need for your small business to attract and keep visitors and generate income. This normally requires a great deal of effort, investigation and focus. Soon, you'll be able to do it on autopilot. The engine code is now complete. Membership system, tracking, partnerships are being set in place. Business strategy is driving the project and everything is looking good. Review the Top Stories.

Small Business Strategy

Small Business Strategy for Growth

Are You Making These Common But Very Critical Mistakes In Your Business?
What most business owners find interesting is these are not mistakes that they are typically aware of.

Matt Zembruski told NewsBlaze "Almost all entrepreneurs tend to make one, two, or all three of these mistakes in their business and they don't even know it. So there is a special teleseminar next week to help improve their business."

Small Business Presentation

Loopbiz recently created a presentation about the Maryland business booster, Philip Kapneck, the Maryland Trade Ambassador. See the slideshow at Philip Kapneck Slideshow

Small Business for Moms

Bizy Moms is a website for women interested in starting or running their own business. Sections include Franchises, Moms helping Mons, Bizy University and Mom Entrepreneurs. Visit them at Bizy Moms

Small Business Strategy - Business structure

Business Strategy for a sole proprietor or partnership should include forming your own corporation or LLC. Read the latest article on Corporation or LLC


Growth for Small Business

At some time in the life of your business, your growth will plateau or drop. If you reach that time you need to make changes - but what do you change? It would be better if you think about that before it happens, but if you are at that stage now, you can still get help. What you may need is a mentor or an advisor. The advisor you choose should have a wide range of experience and hopefully a lot of contacts. Your advisor shouldn't just tell you what to do. They should learn about your business and your situation. Then, together you can determine what to do next. If you have an advisor and you are doing well, that is great. If you need help, review the work of Joel Block. Joel Block's blog is worth following. He also writes a business column at NewsBlaze.
  Strategic Plan
Startup Money Strategy
Small business strategy includes funding. One major issue that stops new businesses from starting and existing businesses from expanding - is lack of startup money. Victor Howard's free report can help.

Strategic Focus
Strategic Focus this month looks at what customers want.

Strategic Alliance
What is a strategic alliance? Find out how a strategic business alliance can help your business and modify your strategy to increase business.

Business Strategy Small Business is the country's economic engine. With 300 legal ways to reduce taxes, this must be part of your small business strategy. Free CD.

How to Create a Million Dollar USP Unique Selling Proposition for niche marketing, product positioning and your elevator speech

Sales Strategy
Your sales strategy greatly affects your business health. Getting it right is not always easy and it can take a lot of practice and failure before you become successful. Here are a few ideas you can use to improve your sales strategy.

Business Strategy
Don't let your Business Strategy go off the rails. Many business owners delude themselves into thinking that everyone is in their buying audience.

Business Process Engineering
Strategic workflow solutions that help you achieve highly efficient processes with greater certainty of outcome.

Corporation or LLC
Small Business News

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Think about your business as something that works for you, rather than something you work for. Many small businesses lack a clear business strategy and concentrate on tactics. Strategic thinking is key to making your business really work.

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