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Trademark your name
Do NOT be caught in a trademark infringement suit! Check availability of your business name, apply for a trademark, and monitor your trademark. is the #1 filer of trademarks in the USA.

BizActions e-business development system
Business suite for e-newsletters that generates new business, increases name recognition and improves cross-sales opportunities.

Sales Presentations
Avoid the Fatal Presentation Trap: Why Making Presentations Can Cost You the Sale.

USP differentiation
What is a USP?

Create your USP
Learn How to create your Unique Selling Proposition.

Face your Fear
Learn The Art of FEARBUSTING. You can Be Powerful in the Face of your Fears. This is a classic talk, now on CD, by self-help giant and best-selling author Susan Jeffers reminds us that . . . to fear is human . . . to pursue your dream anyway, divine.

Fine Books Business
The awestruck silence that falls when you first hold a musical manuscript created by Mozart. It's impossible to describe the visceral sensations experienced by rare book collectors.

Target Your Market
The worst thing business owners can do is to delude themselves into thinking that everyone is in their buying audience.

Vacation Booking
Rent-by-owner expert Christine Hrib Karpinski explains how to find and book the perfect vacation spot . . . but don't wait too long.

Cool Websites Everyone Should Bookmark
Often I find websites that offer interesting, innovative, or just plain cool stuff that doesn't quite rate a stand- alone article, but several of them together will get you jumping all over your computer to check them out.

Real Estate in Your 401k or IRA Can Make You Rich
Ever heard of wholesale real estate lenders? Probably not, and your bank likes it that way! An insider explains why they're your secret weapons for success-and why you should seek financing before you find your investment property.

Business Success - Three Deadly Myths
Joe John Duran, CFA, author of Start it,Sell it & Make a Mint, 20 wealth creating secrets for business owners talks about the 3 deadly myths of business success. Do you have the right stuff to make it as an entrepreneur?

Increase Sales
Selling on the internet is not always easy and it can take a lot of practice and failure before you become successful. Here are a few ideas that work, that you can use to increase sales on your own site.

Increase Traffic and Sales
Here are some blockbuster ways to increase your traffic and sales.

Buy a Franchise
Read about the 12 reasons you should consider buying a franchise, the business you can operate, even with relatively little experience in the field.

Jump Start Sales
If you have problems getting sales, change what you are doing. You must give a marketing campaign time to work, but if you aren't making any sales, then it is probably time for a change. Check these simple ideas to Jump Start Your Sales.

Multiply Your Sales
As soon as you make your first sale, it is time to implemet the next part of your plan and multiply that sale into more sales. Here are 10 ideas to help you multiply your sales.

Get More Orders
Here are some awesome Ways To Get More Orders that you probably have never thought about. They are easy to implement, and extremely effective.

Strategic Business Alliance
10 Reasons To Form A Strategic Business Alliance.

Reduce Business Costs
There are two sides to a balance sheet. It is even more important to reduce your overheads as it is to increase your sales. Here are 11 effective Ways To Reduce Your Business Costs.

Outsourcing to Beat Your Competition
Here are ways to use outsourcing to beat your competition. Find out the difference between Outsourcing and Consulting.

Strategic Focus
Feature Articles from Mark Munday - business strategist and coach. Designed to get you thinking about working ON your business, rather than IN it!

Get the Winning Edge
Mark Munday, business strategist and coach tells you how to create the winning edge in your business. Learn about strategic planning. Find out why the lack of a plan drives most small businesses into the ground.

StratPlan Review
Review of a business building system that sets up your small business to more easily handle all changes and challenges that come your way.

Self Improvement
As a small-business owner your business has an incredibly powerful secret weapon that no other business has. One that, if you use it properly, gives your business that all-important winning edge.

Cash Flow
Cash flow projections provide you the visibility you need to avoid problems and create the financial success you deserve.

Pricing for Profit
Learn how the fixed/variable cost relationship is used to support making basic business decisions.

Closing the Sale
How and why to slow down your sales cycle a little and increase your sales in the process.

Bottom Line
Do you know what will happen if your sales volume drops? How far can it drop before you really start to eat red ink? And if you lower your prices in order to sell more, how much more will you have to sell to make the same profit?

Business Tool
Learn why 97% of small businesses fail or underperform and what you can do to ensure that doesn't happen to you.

Local Business
Consumers spend most of their money close to home. The population is well educated and becoming increasingly dependent on the internet for information. Learn why your small business should have an internet presence.

Protecting Information
What would happen to your business if your valuable information was no longer available, for some reason? How would your ability to operate be affected? And how would you go about restoring this information?

Applying for a Loan
How to look at the loan application process from the banker's perspective. This is the key to getting the response you want - a small business loan for the amount you want, at the right rate.

Domain Registration
Register your valuable domain names without risk and at less than half the price of the biggest registrars. Transfer your existing names, save a bundle and get more control over your property.

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