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To share Loopbiz Small Business content with your visitors, there are two options.

Stories on your site

If you would like to copy a story and store it on your site, you may do so, as long as you include the resource box at the bottom of the story and keep the live link. Available articles always contain the resource box at the bottom.

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you may wish to link to the loopbiz site. You can link to the main page, which always has links to other stories, or you may directly link to the stories that most interest your readers.

Please copy this link and paste it into your page.

If you decide to link directly to a story page, I recommend you set the text link to be something relevant to the page you lead your readers to.

You may copy this article and place it on your own website, as long as you do not change it and include this resource box including the live link to the Small Business Strategy site.
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