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Benefits Of Submitting Articles To E-zines

You can Brand your web site, your business and yourself by submitting articles to e-zines. This is an effective way to promote yourself and your site and easily fits into any business strategy. Always include your name, business name, your credentials, web site address and e-mail address in your resource box.

Submitting articles gives you free advertising. This will allow you to spend your profits on other forms of advertising. You could buy advertisements in other e-zines that don't publish your articles.

You will become known as an expert on the topics you write about. This will give you and your business extra credibility which will help you compete against your competition.

You'll gain people's trust. If they read your article and like it, they won't be as hesitant to buy your product or service and they may return to your website to read more articles.

Some publishers will place your article in their home page. This will give you extra exposure.

To get extra exposure, look for e-zine publishers who keep archives of their e-zine on the site. This gives people and search engines the ability to read the back issues. People do it before they make the decision to subscribe. Search engines do it because tehy can! and then more people can find you much later.

Some e-zine publishers create free e-books using their own site articles. Be sure to let them know that you would be happy for them to include your articles in their ebook - and laways be sure to ask them to include the link to your site. Since people give them away, your advertising could multiply all over the internet.

Look for an e-zine publisher that has a free content directory on their web site. They allow their visitors to republish their articles and yours too. This is a great way to get your article published all over the web.

If you are a good writer, you could get extra income from other people who want to hire you to write other articles or books. You may even ve asked to speak at seminars. This is a great way to multiply your income, even though writing ezine articles for other people probably isn't as lucrative as writing your own.

Joint Ventures such as article swaps can be very useful. Your article is then guaranteed to run in the e-zine. This is a win/win situation.

In conclusion, submitting articles to e-zines can bring you many benefits. Try it a few times. Don't give up if you are rejected - eventually it will pay off.

You may copy this article and place it on your own website, as long as you do not change it and include this resource box including the live link to the Small Business Strategy site.
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