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How To Protect Valuable Information In Your Business

By Mark Munday

Why Data Protection is So Important

We are now firmly entrenched in the information era. And few businesses can function for long without critical information that is kept on computers. Information such as financial records, data relating to transactions done by the business, customer information, marketing databases etc.

Have you ever stopped to think about what would happen to your business if this information was no longer available, for whatever reason? How would your ability to operate be affected? And how would you go about restoring this information?

You may think that you don't have much critical business information. And that you don't need to worry about backup. But just imagine the inconvenience caused by losing your email address book, the list of favorites in your internet browser, that Word document you have been writing and the Excel spreadsheets you have spent many hours working on.

Don't think "It will never happen to me!". There are only two types of hard drives - those that have failed and that are still going to fail. Hard drives are very reliable these days. So the chance of failure is small. But when it happens, the results can be devastating!

Clearly, we all should be doing regular backup of our data. But the reality is that few people do it properly. It is an irksome and very unsatisfying task. So when the pressure is on, doing backup is one of the first tasks to fall by the wayside.

What Makes a Data Protection System Really Good

Backing up your data, or keeping a separate copy of it in a safe place, is the obvious way to protect yourself from the harrowing consequences of losing your information. So if your computer crashes, you can retrieve the data and quickly return to normal. But for a backup system to be worth having, it must be water-tight. In other words, all the risks of losing your data must be covered. Copying your data onto CDs and putting them in your desk drawer is not good enough. Because if the house burns down (God forbid!), your backup will also go up in smoke. Backup should be kept off-site.

Doing backup occasionally is also not good enough. Your ability to restore your data to what it was before disaster strikes is obviously compromised. But, even more importantly, if your backup process is not systematic, it will probably break down at some point.

According to Murphy's Law, you are most likely to lose your data when you don't have an up-to-date backup of important information!

The advancing plague of worms and viruses means that you need multiple versions of backup. Because, if you inadvertently backup a virus, when you restore your backup, you re-infect your machine. For your backup system to be worth it's salt, you have to be able to roll-back to a point in time when your machine was clean.

So, ideally, you should do daily backup, you should have multiple versions of it, and it should be stored off-site. Doing this manually is tedious, to say the least. And, as far as I am concerned, just having a copy of important data in a safe place doesn't go far enough.

If your hard drive crashes, you first have to reload all the application software before you can use the data. If you haven't got all the original CDs, you won't be able to do this. And if your software is no longer supported, you will have a major problem!

All user settings and customisation has to be redone. Which means that restoring your system to it's pre-disaster state could be a much bigger mission than you expected.

The best form of backup is where a copy of the entire system is maintained in such a way that it can be restored quickly and easily. All user and system configuration settings are effortlessly restored. And you are back in business in no time.

Finally, a small-business backup system has to be easy. It should relieve you of the constant hassle and enable you to concentrate on productive and profitable activities.

The Back Up My Business Service

This service is absolutely ideal for people in small and home businesses. It is system you can rely on. And it is very affordable.

Your computer is backed up automatically, every night, and it is done over the internet. You can choose between data-only and full-system backup. And mapped network drives can be included.

The options available make this service the system of choice for home based and single-user businesses, as well as small-office networks.

Backup is done off-site. It is done daily, and you can role-back to the state of your system up to thirty days ago.

The system satisfies all the demanding criteria mentioned above. You get total peace of mind. And you are able to focus your energies on doing what you are in business to do - make money!

Best of all, the system is very affordable and extremely easy to use. There is a 15 day free trial period. Click here to give it a whirl. Select the trial option you desire and click on the download button....

The initial backup takes a long time. All the files have to be up-loaded onto the server. But the subsequent daily backups are incremental. Only changed files are uploaded.

An initial full-system backup would take several days over a 56kbps modem. Broadband access is advisable. The good news is that it all happens in the background. Your computer slows down while files are being backed up. But you are able to do other stuff on it at the same time. More information.

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